3-2-1 Blast Off!

Mars for sale, celestial sales, blast off!

The Celestial Sales site has been around for a few months but only now at the end of June 2016 is it to go live. Although set up to provide for the issuing of claim certificates for a variety of celestial land, our initial focus is on claims for land on Mars. Should we be successful in gaining title registration to Mars land via the UN [UN acting as a Land Registry], then each claimant shall gain 1 share in the Trust into which the Mars land is placed [with UN as Trustee].

Thus, when a claimant stakes a claim here via Celestial Sales, they are acquiring a "coningent beneficiary" share in our existing single act of Mars possession, plus the right to one share in a Mars land trust [we propose the name, The Mars Trust] which will be formed immediately upon successful title registration via UN.

We do not perform land Registry services [ie register land title and issue deeds] as we are not legally empowered to do so. Currently, it is only the UN who is is able to provide such a service. We legally sell claim certificates, entitling each purchaser to a part of our total Mars land claim. Each claim equates to 25-100 Sq Km of Martian land, the exact plots to be decided by random lottery in line with the terms set down in our "Declaration of Intent" (see Mars.Sale media page for this document).

More Info?
  Go to Mars For Sale website before deciding to join us in our 'act of possession' through staking a Mars land claim. Also see the FAQ section there for detailed information regarding the land claim purchase process, certification and records retained for registration purposes.