About us

Celestial Sales is the shop window and sales outlet for Mars.Sale , MarsForSale.com , Planets.Sale and is integral to all celestial land registrations made via Mars Register and Celestial Register.

Celestial Sales and Celestial Register were formed by Dr Philip Davies in order to register all proper claims to celestial land and issue formal claim certificates accordingly. Our current main focus is on land claims to planet Mars.

We are a London, UK based business and have utilized English and International public law to reach our current business position.

We aim to obtain either financial reward or actual celestial land for all our claimants. In doing this, we hope to benefit celestial safety and peace in space as well as facilitating vibrant space business and exploration.

This might all sound a bit wacky... so we suggest you find out more via the Planets.Sale website prior to any decision on making a land claim.... but do be quick.... only the really Early Birds get to make claims for FREE!

Contact: admin@celestial.org.uk

mars merchandise sale

If you are interested in browsing through our Mars Merchandise then just pop over to our online store: for the latest Red Planet street look..[click on the pic above]