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Mars Land Claim: Legal Reality Check

We recently commissioned Professor Frans von der Dunk (via his world leading legal consultancy firm, Black Holes BV) to do an independent legal analysis of our Mars Land Claim as our associated proposals.  His findings are exciting and very reassuring. Have a look: Mars.Sale Website Legal Section  

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3-2-1 Blast Off!

The Celestial Sales site has been around for a few months but only now at the end of June 2016 is it to go live. Although set up to provide for the issuing of claim certificates for a variety of celestial land, our initial focus is on claims for land on Mars. Should we, in future, be successful in gaining title registration to Mars land via the UN [UN acting as a Land Registry], then each claimant shall gain beneficial ownership of a giant plot of land on Mars (distributed by lottery, ranging from 9 to 35 Sq Km) within a trust, Trust Mars (with UN trustee). Thus, when a claimant stakes a claim here via Celestial Sales, they are joining our...

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